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Billiard Equipment

Both buyers and sellers are welcome to visit our billiard shop, where you can trade with your new or used billiard equipment. BTMG will promote sellers and help buyers to get the best products. Feel free to register. Send us your questions about equipment and our staff will give you an answer.

Pool School

You can play this game with everybody, but you have to learn from the best. If you are looking to advance in the game you have to warm the cloth, to learn and to practice a lot. With good fundamentals, proper decision making process and accurate execution you will reach you playing goals.


BTMG helps young talents and pro players to focus on their game buy managing their relationships and with coaches, sponsors, tournament directors etc. Developing their personal brand and keeping them in focus of social media we add value to what they love and know, and should only do: play their best pool.

Don’t waste your time, learn the game in Belgrade’s Pool School!

“Imagine, believe, do it. I did it!” - Boris Vidakovic Battousai

In Belgrade, the capitol of Serbia, you can learn pool from our coach, Boris Vidakovic, who is certificated coach by EPBF and recognized by WPA as PAT (Playing Ability Test) examiner.

With his knowledge and tournament experience he is ready to bring your game on the next level. Are you ready?

Boris offers individual trainings for beginners, intermediate and advance players in BK Champions, the best pool club in downtown of Belgrade.

Fill free to contact Boris on mobile phone / Viber / WhatsApp : +381638851129 to book your first class for free, or write to: boris@btmg.com.

For international students we can help and arrange accommodation and transport.

Stance “Comfort.”

PoolSchool: Stance “Comfort.” ~ Boris Vidakovic {Part 3} *See Part 1 and Part 2 Comfort: You have finally placed your

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